Compact Lifts Boss X3 Compact Lift

Compact Lifts

Ideal for everyday use especially indoors our range of compact scissor lifts and pop ups are easy to operate, can fit into the most confined spaces and can reach up to 8m heights.


Our compact lifts include;

Most scissor lifts and vertical mast systems can barely squeeze through the largest commercial and industrial doors, so when our clients need powered access to reach ceilings or high walls on the other side of standard sized internal doors or simply in a tight alleyway or corner, our compact range come into their own. With variations on scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts all our compacts are suitable for indoor use and full of practical features like simple one man operation and time saving high speed raising and lowering.

Boss X2, X3 and X3X

Excellent range of compact scissor lift style platforms ideal for warehousing requirements or any indoor usage, these lifts take just seconds to reach their full height reducing plenty of wasted time when in heavy use.

  • Download pdfPlatform height up to;  5.20m
  • Working platform load capacity;    240kg

Skyjack compact electric scissor lifts 3215 and 3219

At the larger end of the compact scissor lifts scale, the Skyjack compacts can still squeeze into tiny spaces and include a 1m roll out extension deck for extra access and are drivable at full height.

  • download pdfPlatform height up to;    7.80m
  • Working platform load capacity;    227kg

Compact work platforms GR12, GR15 and GR20

Superb range of compact work platforms working to a vertical mast system that provides a much more safe and usable access alternative to ladders or steps; battery powered with non-marking tyres.

  • download pdfPlatform height up to;  8.07m
  • Working platform load capacity;    227kg

The Whizz electric self propelled personnel lift

An ultra compact variation on the vertical mast lift design the Whizz can fit in the back of a transit, is incredibly manoeuvrable even with one man operation and takes just 8 seconds to reach full height.

  • download pdfPlatform height up to;  3.63m
  • Working platform load capacity;    180kg

Whatever your powered access needs in even the most confined spaces, speak to the experts at London Tower Service for the ideal machine to meet your requirements; contact us today to arrange a quotation or book a hire with one of our experienced team.